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What To Do When You’re Struggling With Dull Skin

Dull skin looks tired, washed out, and bland. It sounds harsh, but that’s what it is! We all go through periods where our skin isn’t at its best, and that’s okay.

It’s about managing the ebb and flow of life, and our skin often reflects where we’re at in that period. To get your glow back, Secret Beauty Club has a few go-to methods. 


There are several reasons for dull skin. Not drinking enough water is the first contributor that comes to mind. We all know that we need to be drinking those eight glasses a day! But, before you roll your eyes, a study in 2015 showed that taking in enough liquid – water significantly — can drastically improve your skin’s condition. Not only that, but your whole body will work more effectively. When your system feels good, you have more to offer your mind and body. Hydrating from the inside out is important. You also need to hydrate your skin from the outside.


Secret Beauty Club’s Hyaluronic Acid Soothing Serum is packed with oatmeal, hemp oil, and ginger root extract. These collagen-boosting ingredients work together to hydrate your skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dull skin often looks aged and worn so that the right moisturizer can prevent premature aging. Ensuring that you’ve got an ultra-nourishing serum in your day-to-day skincare routine will keep your complexion looking and feeling fresh.


If you’ve been busy with work, family commitments, or just trying to juggle life, a skincare routine can be one of the first things that fall off of the priority list.

However, if you want to move away from dull skin or just avoid it altogether, you need to keep going with your skincare routine even during the complex, busy days.

The commitment and consistency of taking care of your skin will pay off, and you’ll be able to feel comfortable with the condition of your skin even when other aspects of your life are demanding.

If you haven’t got a sustainable anti-aging skincare routine in place, we have an article about it over here.


We also have a little treasure chest of skin secrets, especially for our Secret Beauty Club community. The basics of taking care of your body and overall long-term health also relate to your skin.

Getting enough sleep, not smoking, monitoring your stress levels, applying your moisturizer after cleansing, and eating correctly all play a part in how your skin looks and feels.

Take a moment to check in with your choices over the last little while. Once you’ve got a more rounded overview of your lifestyle, you can honestly gauge what your possible problem areas could be. As you begin to pinpoint the cause of your dull skin, you can slowly make changes and rectify the situation.


Something to also keep in mind is exfoliation. Your dull skin could be a result build-up of dead skin cells and dirt that your cleansing and toning routine hasn’t been able to bring out effectively.

Maybe you haven’t had the time or opportunity to cleanse and tone as you should. Or, perhaps you’ve only been washing and given the toning a skip to save time. Either way, adding skincare exfoliation into your routine at least once a week will help remove the build-up of dirt and dead skin cells.


Taking the time to exfoliate is a powerful tool to keep your skin in good shape, but it should not be overdone. You do not want your skin to feel or look raw. Over-exfoliating will create a red, flaky appearance. Depending on your skin type, you could go for an exfoliation with a more coarse texture or find a more refined texture that you can blend in with your cleanser to exfoliate your face.

You want to focus on your face, neck, and chest area. After the exfoliation, your pores will be cleansed and open. Make sure you’ve dried off your skin before applying a rich, hydrating serum. Your skin will feel soothed, soft and radiant.


Another tool would be to incorporate a nourishing face mask into your skincare routine. Hyaluronic acid is fantastic for hydration. Make sure your face mask product is rich in antioxidants, and if you have sensitive skin, it’s suitable for you to use.

If you have read our article and worked through our tips but still can’t shake the dull skin, it might be a good idea to speak to your healthcare professional or dermatologist.

You’re never alone in your skincare journey. Make sure you’re using the right skincare products for your needs, taking care of your mind and body with your lifestyle choices, exfoliating, and drinking water. You’ll be glowing again soon!

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