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The Story Behind Secret Beauty Club

Secret Beauty Club is about celebrating beauty in all its phases. It was first founded in 2013 by a mom in the U.K. who saw the need for good quality products with unique ingredients. Her love for beauty drove her; her need to develop an idea that would allow her and others to feel and look good was critical. In addition, she wanted to tie this all in with spending more time with her growing children. It was clear that she was onto something powerful, and that’s when she took the plunge to quit her job and run with Secret Beauty Club wholeheartedly. The response was impressive. With quality and care at the forefront – she created a business that women were drawn towards. Beauty with heart – that meets a need surpasses many borders and boundaries.

Under our leadership, we have aimed to refine and elevate her beautiful mission for Secret Beauty Club. Beauty is universal, and with the right products that you can trust – the world feels more approachable as you move through new and different ages. It was also important to us to ensure that the products were completely vegan and cruelty-free. This was where we completely stepped things up and revved up the pace. No matter the position or activity, we encourage our staff, families, and community to live as gently as possible. It is vital to our impact on the world.

Without a story, not much has life or meaning. As simple as it may be, most beauty brands begin with the idea that grows and forms into something magical. When looking back on our journey, we are filled with pride and joy at the phases of beauty we get to touch on. This journey is just beginning, and we cannot wait to continue growing and establishing our place in the industry.

Beauty is a lot more than what you look like. It’s beyond recognition from loved ones, from a stranger on the street, or comparisons to societal norms. We’re not for people feeling degraded or unworthy because of unrealistic, fake, or heightened expectations of beauty. It’s about cutting through all of that and finding what beauty feels like in your unique skin. As you go through life, you begin to carve out a way of thinking about who you are – the way you feel and the way you see yourself when you look in the mirror. We want to ensure that you feel beautiful, confident and taken care of when you connect with the Secret Beauty Club. We aim to keep you close to us from the first touch-point – our customers stay with us for many years.

Taking on Secret Beauty Club made us incredibly excited. The products are formulated by top labs in the U.S, where quality is the foundation of everything we do. So if you were wondering where we are based and where these Secret products are made, the U.S. is home!

As we grew and developed Secret Beauty Club, the vision of the business, new packaging, new branding, and new products were brought to life. We spent many weeks crafting and reworking something that our community would love. It needed to speak to the soul of what we do and why we do it. We intended to talk to an audience that sometimes feels the urge to “hide.” By bringing in the latest research, innovative ingredients, technology and making it affordable – we open up a world where women don’t need to feel masked behind a phase. Our products encourage our community to open up, embrace and love where they are.

We all have a story and a reason behind the choices we make. The story and the “why” make the journey meaningful. It has been a pleasure to embark on this beautiful adventure and create products that help and uplift our community. More products, news, and blog posts are coming soon. We’re constantly creating to meet you where you are.

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