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The Connection Between Your Gut And Your Skin

Gut health is a trendy topic. Although we hear about it a lot, the gut has a lot more to do with drinking the odd glass of kombucha or munching up some sauerkraut leaves. Leading a healthy life is about consistent, daily actions.


Your gut is diverse, and there is much research on the link between the gut microbiome, health, and disease.

Ultimately, the gut microbiome consists of good and bad bacteria that are found in your intestines. This bacteria is used in digestion and also influences your health. When you’re focusing on taking in the proper nutrients, your skin can show the benefits.

Some of the key messages from the latest research are that the gut should be seen as key in one’s overall health, fiber intake is essential, and that diet and medication can significantly impact the composition of your gut.


Secret Beauty Club encourages a rounded approach to beauty — no matter what phase of life you are in. With this being said, we explore the effects of lifestyle choices on your skin.

We have formulated products based on the latest scientific knowledge and research to include ingredients that deliver accurate and visible results. For example, studies show a relationship between the gut and the skin with atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne. Sharing skin and beauty secrets is vital to us, and without considering the broader factors to skincare, you’re not able to address possible root issues to skincare concerns.


Studies have shown that what you eat makes a big difference to your energy levels and overall health. Strong support for the link between diet and acne has been given.

The typical Western diet includes many processed foods, and the total glycemic index (GI) index is high. When consuming an excess of food items such as white bread and refined sugars, there can be a negative impact on your gut health. Researchers have shown the difference in skin, particularly with acne, when switching to a high-protein, low GI dietary intake.

Making an effort to consume a higher volume of fruit and vegetables is a way to increase the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs. Vitamin A, C, and E are powerful in working against aging and strengthening the immune system.

Healthy fats found in olive oil, salmon, eggs, nuts, and avocado are an excellent way to give your body the omegas it needs to protect and nourish your skin. By taking in various nutrient-dense foods, you can strengthen your gut and ensure that you’re working with your body’s natural tools instead of against them.


Using the best serum for acne, the best acne for scars and the best serum for hydration can make a big difference to how your skin looks and feels. Enjoying smooth, radiant, and glowing skin throughout the various phases of beauty means including a combination of healthy habits into your routine. As you work to find balance in your skincare routine, you need to include a healthy diet with the right anti-aging products.

When you’re not able to take in the nutrients you need, a multi-vitamin supplement and probiotic can help feed your gut and body with what it needs. However, keep in mind that nothing can replace the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet.


Secret Beauty Club is constantly working to develop new products and improve current formulas. We are passionate about sharing our work and innovations around high-quality products that produce excellent results.

As we research new products, we find ways to bring the best anti-aging and skin-improving ingredients to our community affordably and effectively. We work with a holistic approach — taking in lifestyle factors and remembering the needs of our community.

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