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The Three Must-have Ingredients to Prevent Premature Aging

Secret Beauty Club embraces every stage of beauty. As we age and go through the journey of life, our needs and wants begin to change. For example, you might be looking at aspects such as skin texture, skin tone, and skin elasticity, whereas before, your cosmetic product needs may have been a bit different. So naturally, the body […]

Which Secret Beauty Club Product is Right For Me?

Before investing in a skincare product and your skin health, you need to understand what you need and why. Are you after skin rejuvenation? Hydration? Wrinkle and scar repair? Taking the time to analyze your skin will help you identify where the concerns lie and ensure that you’re going after the beauty product that will […]

How Will EGF Keep Me Looking Young?

Epidermal Growth Factor (or what we refer to as EGF) is a protein found in our skin cells. As we transition from birth to adulthood, our bodies naturally manufacture proteins called growth factors that lead our cells into renewing and revitalizing. This is how we heal, develop and transform the human cell.  SOME BACKGROUND ON […]