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Skin Secrets From Secret Beauty Club

We’re not the Secret Beauty Club for no reason. Our mission is to take simple, natural, effective ingredients and make them accessible to you. These beauty secrets become your beauty secrets.

We support our community throughout all of the stages of beauty so that you can enjoy optimal skin health regardless of your skin type.

Some of the biggest skin secrets we’ll uncover in this article; you’ll be surprised at how simple and effective they can be. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or sensitive skin — we unpack some tools and beauty secrets to preventing premature aging,

No matter what phase of life you’re in, you can start from where you are, with what you have. Feeling beautiful is universal, and it’s accessible to anyone, anywhere. So these are our beauty secrets — take what serves you and enjoy the unique stage you’re in. You deserve it.


When you can openly and honestly acknowledge and accept where you are, there is new life.

This step is the start of your journey to the best skin you’ve ever had.

Don’t hide from the phase of beauty you’re in — acknowledge your age, what you’ve been through, and where you are going. We don’t believe that you should be limited by what society says about whatever phase you’re in.

It’s how you feel — how your skin feels. Part of the acknowledgment phase involves checking in with your problem areas and noting the things you love. It could be dark circles, dead skin cells, dark spots, age spots, or poor collagen production.

So check-in, be aware, and come to a quiet, confident acknowledgment of where you are. Secret Beauty Club wants to help you keep your skin healthy.


Skincare and self-care is not a “one day” or “one-moment” to-do list check-off. Just as you need to shower every day, eat and drink, plan for work, sleep, and breathe, so your skincare routine needs to be consistent and prioritized.

Once you know what you’d like to work on, you need to remember that life is a journey. Our skin, our bodies, our minds — they travel with us as we go through our day-to-day.

The changes that we want will not happen overnight, and quick fixes are usually just money-making schemes. Making sustainable lifestyle choices will be the easiest way to ensure that you keep good habits and hold them as you move from one stage to the next.


Your body is made up of around 60% water — you need to keep hydrated for flawless skin. This is one of the easiest and sure ways to keep your digestion, skin, and energy intact.

Experts recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water a day — more if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or sweating a lot. Consuming fruit juice and herbal tea does count — remember that caffeinated beverages dehydrate you and act as a diuretic.

When you’re making an effort to take in your liquid per day, try not to make the consumption sugary. Pure, clean water is best!


Audrey Hepburn said that the prettiest girls are the happiest girls. When you’re comfortable in your skin, you are more at ease with who and where you are.

Be grateful for your body — your unique journey that is unlike any other person’s on this planet. Look at the positives instead of beating yourself up for not looking like filtered Instagram models or the next best celebrity makeup artist on the cover of a famous magazine.

Try and take stock of the way your inner voice looks at yourself and to others. For example, are you judging your appearance in a way that you’d never judge that of a friend or family member?

Be kind to yourself. Listen to that voice and stop it when it becomes nasty.

See and embrace your natural beauty.

This also means giving your hair and skin a chance to breathe and to be without their “trimmings.” Whether one or two days a week — it may be your Sunday “self-care” day.

Take time out to be free of makeup products, heat on your hair for styling, and the stress of trying to look a certain way. Instead, enjoy your Secret Beauty Club skincare products a little extra.

You could also use this time to apply a face mask, give yourself a foot massage, put on some soft, comfy socks, and rub in a hair treatment after your wash.

Find a sunny spot in the sun and let the natural heat bring out the benefits of your hair treatment.


Stress plays a massive role in how you age.

Sometimes we forget that life is meant to be enjoyed!

Make sure that you have time craved out for things you love. Whether it be a glass of wine with friends, reading a good book, traveling, going to an exercise class, or just relaxing on the couch with your family — you need those small moments to come back to.

If you’re unable to take time out, incorporate more minor things into your day-to-day.

For example, to sit outside with your cup of coffee and enjoy the morning light instead of sucking it up in front of your laptop. When you can genuinely appreciate and enjoy the simple things, life is better.

You’re happier, lighter, and even a better person to be around.

It sometimes feels like a selfless thing to feel and be content.


Your skin is your largest organ. Please treat it with care! Small things such as wearing sunscreen and eating a balanced diet have long-term effects.

It may feel like a considerable effort today, but you will be so grateful for the money, time, and effort you put into the small things this moment in a year or a few.

We so often struggle to justify spending on self-care but wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a friend to do it. It’s essential to invest in ourselves.

Feeling good, healthy, strong, and able is the foundation for all other things we need to do.

As family members, friends, work colleagues, business owners, partners, pet parents — we have various responsibilities and daily tasks.

If we’re keeping these secrets in mind throughout our daily routine, we can take them on and encourage the ones around us to do the same.

Share these Secret Beauty Club principles, live them out, and enjoy the beautiful benefits that they bring. With love from us!

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