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Defining Your Own Beauty Icons

Secret Beauty Club has been built on the foundation of embracing the different phases of beauty. We know that beauty is more than skin deep, but it takes a bit of help to reflect your inner beauty as your skin develops and changes. Growing up, was there someone who you looked up to as the pinnacle of outer beauty? And what about inner beauty? 

Audrey Hepburn had many famous quotes, but one of our favorite beauty quotes has to be: “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”

Have you ever thought about your definition of beauty? 

The way that you define beauty can be because of many things — your upbringing, culture, exposure to the media, and societal norms of where you’ve been living. Your idea of a beauty icon may even have changed a lot since you last gave it some thought. Growing up, many young girls look to fairytale princesses, models, and the women closest to them for a way to pinpoint what beautiful means. As you get older, you may find a shift in creating these definitions for yourself and others.

Taking it right back to ancient Greece, Aphrodite was the goddess of beauty. As we go through phases of life, fashion changes. Have you ever looked back at old photographs from when your parents were young and had a giggle at the way they wore their hair and their choices of clothing? Beauty standards change, technology advances, we become exposed to newer and more innovative anti-aging techniques, but ultimately, we all want to look and feel the best version of ourselves. 

What defines a beauty icon? A quick Google search, and you’ll come up with some explanations around how a beauty icon is a definition of beauty for a particular era or period. Someone that others looked up to or still look up to for beauty guidance, trends, and a framework for beauty. Women such as Marilyn MonroeAudrey HepburnNaomi CampbellHalle BerryElizabeth TaylorJanet JackonMadonna, and many more pop up as examples during this online search. Alongside these names and images, you’ll find descriptions about timeless beauty, bold statements, beauty inspiration, and iconic style.

Marilyn Monroe stands out for her confidence, curves, bouncy, blonde bob, and bombshell-standard style. Audrey Hepburn was always elegant in her classy, fitted black dresses, red lipstick, neat hair, and big, bold eyes. Naomi Campbell is still celebrated for her strong looks and successful modeling career. Many of us admire Halle Berry’s glowing skin and acting milestones. The list goes on and on. What one person may find attractive in these icons could be significantly different from another.

A quick ask around the office, and there were a wide variety of beauty icons for different reasons. Celebrities, influencers, fitness leaders, and beauty bloggers were in the mix of these discussions. Names like Pau FlorenciaKylie JennerTaylor Swift, and Krissy Cela came up. Who do you look to for inspiration?

In February 2020, National Geographic published an article about the ideas of beauty. Journalist Robin Gavhin beautifully wrote: “If I were to look at a portrait of my mother, I would see one of the most beautiful people in the world—not because of her cheekbones or her neat figure, but because I know her heart.” She also went on to write that “Modern beauty doesn’t ask us to come to the table without judgment. It simply asks us to come presuming that everyone in attendance has a right to be there.”

There are so many incredibly talented women around the world. It’s important and exciting to be able to recognize and enjoy the different talents surrounding us. It’s beautiful to acknowledge the beautiful women around us, but it’s even more important to see beneath those layers. Being there for one another on a deeper level creates a sense of unity. It transcends global boundaries.

Secret Beauty Club serves a diverse range of women of all ages. It’s clear that beauty means different things to different people, but we aim to make sure that our customers feel beautiful no matter what stage of life they’re in. Enjoying the phase of beauty you’re in is possible when you have the right approach, the correct beauty products, and a circle of friends, family, and brands that lift you up.

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